9 Essential Sentence Structures
Anderson Hung 2019


A sentence ends with

1. a period
    Type: subject, verb, object

2. a question mark
    Type: verb, subject, object

3. an exclamation point

A sentence contains

4. a comma or commas
    The comma links both equal and unequal sentence parts.

5. a semicolon
    The semicolon links equal and balanced sentence parts.

6. a colon
    The colon links unequal sentence parts.

7. quotation marks

8. repetition of words or phrases
    Ex.: a. One more, no more.
            b. No more, one more.

9. Reversal of word order
    Type: object, subject, verb
    Ex.: a. Here I am.
            b. There you go.


Last modified: 12.11.2019